Beyond Human Limits exhibit

Beyond Human Limits Exhibition

June 4 – September 24, 2022

Get Up, Keep Going, Push Further. Beyond Human Limits takes visitors inside the minds and bodies of extreme athletes to explore the psychology, physiology, and physicality of some of the most extreme activities in the world. 

In this high energy exhibition, visitors experience the thrill of extreme sports in exciting, interactive exhibits and immersive environments.

Explore the technology, creativity, and innovation inherent in these sports. Hear the incredible stories from the passionate athletes that undertake these activities. Take in the artistry, motivation, and thoughtfulness that goes into everything they do.

By presenting real facts and real stories, this exhibition helps dispel myths and stereotypes commonly associated with extreme sports and the people who participate in them. Participation in extreme sports requires skill, training, proper use of specialized equipment, and smart decision-making.

Beyond Human Limits was developed and produced by Science North, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.


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