Stunning new granite sculpture by the front entrance to Joseph Brant Museum.
Stunning new granite sculpture by the front entrance to Joseph Brant Museum.

“Conversations and Stories is my homage to our similar history, development and resilience. We owe immense gratitude to past and present generations of speakers whose time, energy and commitment have retained, protected and revitalized our respective languages.”

Indigenous artist David General

The artwork was funded in part by Dan Lawrie. Learn more about the City of Burlington’s public art program at


With under $60,000 remaining to complete the community’s $2.5-million commitment to the Joseph Brant Museum transformation project, it’s a great time to highlight what the new facility is already bringing to the community.

BMF launched the Community Capital Campaign in 2009 and received lead donations and pledges towards its goal, construction proceeded and the renewed Joseph Brant Museum opened in September 2019.

Visitations increased, and travelling exhibitions were brought in from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Museum of Natural History in New York. During COVID, the Museum has continued to engage our community in fun, creative and unique learning opportunities for all ages through virtual programming and events.

It is a responsibility of a city to tell its story. Our story starts at Joseph Brant Museum, our community museum.

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Trailblazing: Women in Canada since 1867 is on exhibit at the Joseph Brant Museums until May 27, 2023. This national travelling exhibit, created and toured by the Waterloo Region Museum, explores how women have transformed Canadian politics, work, and everyday life.

Trailblazing highlights the experiences of women – mothers, sisters, daughters, partners, and friends – from all walks of Canadian life.

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The need for the expansion of the Joseph Brant Museum was identified in 1978. The museum was not accessible to all and did not meet adequate standards for artifact storage needs, mounting travelling exhibits, or accommodating groups for education, tours and events. The Joseph Brant Museum required major change and thanks to the community of Burlington the Joseph Brant Museum has been transformed. 

The new museum opened in September 2019, followed by the pandemic in 2020, which, needless to say, changed the course of the capital campaign and our fundraising efforts. We are happy to announce we are only $60,000 away from meeting our goal, and community support is as important as ever.


Burlington Builders are leaders from a broad range of sectors who believe in our vision and mission. We recognize their past and ongoing contributions to our city and region with a permanent exhibition at the Joseph Brant Museum.

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