The announcement of federal and provincial funding for the expansion of Joseph Brant Museum is celebrated outside the Museum.

Ways to Give

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Support the Mayor’s of Burlington Campaign
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Visit the Past Mayor’s of Burlington Campaign to learn more.

Burlington Builders
Burlington was built on the backs of our citizens who planted their roots in our great city. Leave your legacy with the Burlington Museums Foundation so it can live on in perpetuity.

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*For legal and financial transactions with the Foundation, please use our full legal name, Burlington Museums Foundation.

The Burlington Museums Foundation is classified as a “qualified donor” for charitable gifts, and as such is afforded the same privileges as a charitable organization under the Income Tax Act; the Burlington Museums Foundation is not required to have a special charitable number. Donations over $100,000 will require a Donor Agreement. Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, SO.2001 & 25 and will be used for the administration of the Fundraising Campaign for the Renovation and Expansion of Joseph Brant Museum.

Museums of Burlington volunteer appreciation event group photo 2017 with the Mayor Rick Goldring, MPP Eleanor McMahon and Councillors Craven, Lancaster and Sharman


Federal & Provincial Government
“The Joseph Brant Museum is in a strategic location in downtown Burlington. It is not only part of the western gateway of the waterfront, it is the cornerstone. An expanded Joseph Brant Museum would increase visitor activity to the museum and the waterfront as a whole.”
Karina Gould, MP

“The vision for Burlington’s Community Museum & Heritage Centre paints an interactive discovery experience for students, tourists and residents alike.  A wonderful celebration of our city’s heritage, this centre would bring tremendous cultural, educational and economic benefits to our community.”
Eleanor McMahon, Former M.P.P., Burlington

City of Burlington
“The Joseph Brant Museum plays a vital role in the heritage fabric of our city. It reflects a historical cornerstone, literally and metaphorically, for Burlington’s waterfront and downtown development. The City of Burlington fully supports this expansion and has committed $2.1 million to the project. We are thrilled that with the financial support of the federal and provincial governments and the museum’s foundation that we can move ahead with this transformation in time for Canada’s Sesquicentennial.”
Rick Goldring, Past Mayor
City of Burlington

2016 Burlington Museums Ontario Volunteer Service Award Board member winners included Larry Waldron (Chair), Rob Stonehewer (Vice-Chair), Nancy Cassaday and Gerry Park.

Community Leaders

“We strongly believe that Culture and Heritage provide a community with identity and pride through an understanding and connection with the past. The concepts and plans developed by the Museums’ Board and Staff will unlock the real potential of this key strategic facility and location. This will contribute to the economic strength and viability of our downtown.”
Dan Lawrie, President & CEO
Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers Ltd.

“How many times did our teachers and others tell us, if you want to know where you’re going you have to know where you’ve come from. Through the museum, we can look at the past and recognize the sacrifices that helped make this community special. Then we can think about what we can do as individuals to help continue that legacy, today and into the future.”
Don & Wendy Smith
Smith’s Funeral Homes

“I am writing to voice my support of this project. It would add greatly to Burlington culture and would be another reason that business and individuals would want to locate in our beautiful city.”
Michael Schwenger, Chairman & CEO
Stresscrete Group

“The museum is a great repository for us about the legacy and story of Pioneer Petroleums, a greater Hamilton and Burlington business success story.”
Geoff Hogarth
Pioneer Petroleums

“I see the museum project as a great plus to rounding out a visit for people coming from Southwest Ontario or even New York state. It makes the picture complete.”
Keith Strong
Burlington Philanthropist

Children having fun dressed in period costume at Ireland House Museum at Oakridge Farm Burlington

“The Museum is a valuable tourism attraction that showcases and celebrates our city’s heritage. This expansion will enhance and extend the visitor’s experience at the museum increasing the economic benefits to the community. The additional space will permit the Museum to host larger local attractions to draw visitors from outside our region.”
Pam Belgrade, Executive Director
Tourism Burlington

“As a member of the heritage community of Burlington, we believe the renovation and expansion of the Joseph Brant Museum will not only add to the development of the city’s waterfront, but more importantly provide an important educational tool to our Citizens with respect to our heritage and a tourism attraction to our visitors.”
Burlington Historical Society

“The Burlington Chamber of Commerce believes that the Joseph Brant Museum expansion will help attract more visitors and residents to stay at our hotels and enjoy our restaurants, cafes, boutiques and other downtown businesses.”
Keith Hoey, Past President
Burlington Chamber of Commerce